Second Chakra Svadisthana

This chakra is located below the navel and is oriented towards the front. It has a symmetrical site on the back and is orange in color. This chakra regulates our possibilities of relating to the world. It is also linked to the possibilities of perceiving oneself. If we are not able to value ourselves and love ourselves, it is impossible for us to have real affections for others. In this sense we will never know what true joie de vivre is.

The proper functioning of the sexual chakra

It allows us a fluid corporal expression, the possibility of enjoying the experiences, the ability to experience the various sensual pleasures of life. The blockage of this chakra can manifest itself in: fear of contact with others, obsession with cleanliness, rhythm disorders, frigidity, impotence, excessive disgust as far as the body is concerned.
In the physical realm the disorders of this chakra.
They manifest themselves in diseases related to the liquid elements of our body: blood, bile, saliva. Also in kidney, bladder and lymph node disorders. The areas of the body in which we would have to concentrate our energy to return to its normal course the functioning of this chakra are the ovaries, testicles, sexual organs, lumbar region, bladder, hips and kidneys.

Color: Orange
Situation: About four fingers below the navel, has a symmetrical chaicra on the back of smaller size. Lotus flower with six petals.
Symbol: Lotus flower with six petals.
Mantra: Vam or Bam.
Element: Water that moves and adapts to the container that contains it or the channel through which it runs.
Verb and associated fundamental right: Right to feel.
Crystals and stones: Orange coral, orange quartz, meat.
Associated anatomical elements: Ovaries, testicles, sex organs, lumbar region, hips, kidneys, bladder.
Elements and associated situations: Material pleasure, sexuality, reproduction, urinary excretion, desire, relationships, sweetness, appreciation of beautiful things, emotions, movement.
Sense: Taste.
Food: Liquids.

Physical consequences of its malfunction

Sexual problems, isolation.

Psychic consequences of its malfunctioning

Fear of enjoyment, sexual aberrations, contempt for sex, repression of any type of places, energy blockages that restrict and limit the free expression of our personality.

Commentaries on the second chakra svadhistana …

The second chakra drives us to come out of the rooting of the first chakra because desire motivates us to move and change both physically and spiritually. It introduces us to the duality of ying and yang, which in their attraction generate energy and in their union must maintain balance. We must control the passions to continue our upward spiritual evolution towards the higher chakras. The human being by nature tends to the pleasure that gives him the satisfaction of his desires, and therefore, when satisfying a desire we feel pleasure but we should not blind ourselves to get something external, but we must be flexible and ductile like water.

Physical exercises

All those related to the movement and rotation of the hipss with contact and with water:1 Standing with bent knees, swinging and twisting of hips.2. Lying on your back with your hands behind your head, bring knees to your chest and turn to both sides.3. Sitting, open your legs as much as possible and then join your feet by lowering your knees and flex your trunk as much as possible.4. Dances and hip dances such as merengue and salsa.5. Sexual intercourse.6. Swimming, baths, showers, jacuzzi, saunas.

Psychical exercises

1. Discover the repressions that you have been taught since childhood, desinhíbete, descuquése and enjoy.2. Be aware of your emotions and do not repress them because they are energy that wants to leave your body and express itself, telling the world what you have inside. If you restrict them, you will create energetic blockages that will manifest themselves in diseases.

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