Fifth chakra vishuda


The fifth vishuda chakra is located in the throat and has another symmetrical one in the back related to communication. It is shaped like a funnel facing forward. Its color is light blue. This chakra is the one that symbolizes our celestial and divine level, expresses our possibilities of communication and creation.

Meaning of this fifth chakra…

It is the point of intersection between the inner and outer worlds.
The evolution of this chakra is closely related to that of the heart chakra. Only when we have managed to love ourselves and others can we find the way to express our affections in an appropriate way.
When there are dysfunctions in this chakra may appear hoarseness and hoarseness, growth disorders, sore throats. The anomalies of this chakra are also manifested in demagogic or tyrannical attitudes. Finally, the other polarity would be that of dull, apocalyptic and timid people at one end and authoritarian and dominant people at the other.

Functions of the fifth chakra

First of all, highlight that this chakra is what makes communication a reality and helps multiply our creative capacity. In addition, this second chakra of the throat regulates sound, this in turn has a computer and purifying effect of the particles that makes them vibrate. Everything in life is vibration. Physical activity has a lower vibration level, unconditional love for others has the highest vibration level. We with our actions decide at what level we want to vibrate.
To enhance the proper functioning of this chakra we must concentrate our energies on the arms, the vocal cords, thyroid and parathyroid gland, tonsils and shoulders.

More about the fifth chakra vishuda

Color: Light and bright turquoise blue.
Situation: In the throat, it has a symmetrical one on the back of the neck.
Symbol: Flower of sixteen petals, with an inverted triangle and an inner circle.
Note: Sun.
Mantra: Ham, and the vowel Y.
Element: Sound.
Verb and right to fundamental associate: Right to speak.
Purpose: In our ascending evolutionary path we leave the balance of the fourth chakra and the energy reaches the fifth chakra. This is where it is purified and refined further, increasing its frequency and becoming sound. Here you prepare to enter the more subtle vibrations of the visual (sixth chakra) and the consciousness of the spiritual absolute (
seventh chakra).
Crystals and stones: Turquoise blue.
Associated anatomical elements: Thyroid and parathyroid gland, neck, vocal cords, shoulders,
tonsils, arms.
Associated elements and situations: Harmony, connection, communication, vibration, creativity.
Sense: The ear.
Food: Fruits.


Physical consequences of its malfunction: Throat conditions.
Voice problems, irritation of the vocal cords.
Psychic consequences of its malfunction: Communication problems and difficulties, fear of speaking for fear of screwing up. Continuous need to talk, quackery.



The sound has a purifying and organizing effect of the particles making them vibrate and has properties such as tone, frequency, rhythm, resonance, etc. Within us there are many rhythms, that of the heart, breathing, circulation, biorhythms, ovulation, and so on.
Everything is vibration and with the acts of our life we unconsciously choose at what level we want to vibrate.
Physical activities make us vibrate at lower levels than mental and intellectual activities.
The highest vibration is love in the degree of unconditional surrender, which generates the state of cosmic connection with the universe, while maintaining the awareness of your individuality as part of the whole.
To keep this chakra active, the body must also have reached a certain level of cleansing through healthy eating and regular exercise. It is the chakra of creativity and communication.

Physical exercises

Repeated and systematic pronunciation of mantras, especially the mantra OM. Open your mouth to the
maximum by completely removing your tongue and extending all the muscles of the face and neck to the maximum; at the same time emit aloud the Ham sound or any other you prefer, maintaining this position for at least 30 seconds and repeating it three times.
Turns of the neck and movements of the same in all senses. If you can, with your head
resting on the floor, make the pine tree against a wall and move your head back and forth helping you with your arms.
The plow: lying on your back, raise your legs and bring them behind your head until you touch the ground; if you can, keep your arms stretched towards your head.
Shout loudly the sounds you feel like where you don’t disturb anyone.
Vocalization exercises, reading poetry to add changing rhythms.
Any kind of songs.

Psychic exercises

If you find yourself closed to others for fear of being rejected and do not communicate enough out of shyness or fear of being ridiculed, it boosts your self-esteem. Remember that in your childhood you were spontaneous and that you were appreciated for it; Regain that feeling of power and work on your communication with others. If in your
childhood you had communication traumas, work on your self-esteem affirming until you internalize it in your personality the reality that you are a unique being created by God, worthy of love and respect like everyone else and that you have every right to communicate with your peers and express your feelings, fear of ridicule or rejection.

Remember also…

that what you send to the Universe will be returned to you, and that you send spontaneous and loving communication will be reciprocated with the attention and communicative response of others.
When you feel the need to talk to someone, do it spontaneously, remembering that we all like to receive spontaneous and loving communication from our fellow human beings. If your interlocutor is hostile or distant it is a deficiency of his and not yours, which he will have to solve and not you.

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