Sixth chakra ajna or third eye

The sixth chakra ajna or third eye, is located between the eyebrows and is purple. Another symmetrical chakra is linked to it and we can find it in the back, it is smaller and is related to our intuitive, clairvoyant, imaginative possibilities. Its element is light.
The third eye chakra is the one that expresses our intuition, a kind of pre-felt wisdom before being rationalized. Intuition leads us to have emotional reactions to certain events without explaining very well the reason that causes them. Finally, to properly manage our intuition it is necessary that we first understand the real nature of our feelings.

A person who properly develops this sixth ajna chakra

He will become a seer, a person capable of perceiving the aura of others. Anyone can develop their extrasensory powers, but only when we reach balance and can accept reality as it is and live in harmony and with love, only at this point will our powers be at the service of a personal wisdom necessary for humanity. The Third Eye chakra is meant to show us our particular path in life, our path of self-apprehension. It is the one that helps us learn to “learn” from our own mistakes.

The malfunction of this chakra

It can manifest itself in people with a very unstable situation in the vital environment, people who do not find meaning in life, people who do not enjoy any type of work, or people with exaggerated fears before possible apparitions or visions.

Other symptoms

Of disorders in this chakra are the permanent situations of instability: people who never find work, people who move constantly or who change partners like shirts. Another extreme of this same type of development people who live obsessed with being fashionable, or who have tendencies to create idols, to be able to “follow” them unconditionally or any kind of fanatical attitude.
We can also recognize this disorder in beings who are obsessed with visions of ghosts or prophecies of various catastrophes.
To strengthen this chakra we will have to concentrate our energies in the following areas: in the forehead, eyes, nose, pineal gland and the lower part of the brain. On the body level, the disorders of this chakra can generate vision problems and headaches related to vision.

Color: Violet.
Situation: Between the eyebrows; it has its symmetrical behind the head.
Symbol: A circle with two white petals and an inverted triangle inside.
Note: The.
Mantra: Om.
Element: Light.
Verb and associated fundamental right: Right to see.
Purpose: Introduces us to the world of the non-material. As we develop this chakra will increase our clairvoyance and our faculties of extrasensory perception.
Crystals and stones: Amethyst.
Associated anatomical elements: Pineal gland, eyes, forehead, eyes, nose, lower part of the brain.
Elements and associated situations: Color, light, vision, intuition, clairvoyance, ability to visualize.
Sense: The view.
Food: It has no associated foods, but psychotropic, natural and synthetic drugs.
Physical consequences of its malfunction: Vision problems, headaches related to vision.
Psychic consequences of its malfunction: Psychological disorders related to vision, hallucinations, distorted interpretations of reality, states of mental confusion.

More about this sixth chakra

The energetic vibration continues to increase. We have surpassed the frequency of sound and entered that of light, which is a different and finer vibrational energy.
Our senses perceive light as colors of different wavelengths and frequencies, and as the colors are colder, their frequencies are higher and influence us in different ways, subject that studies chromotherapy.
In the sixth chakra we transcend time, since vision does not depend on time; at the same instant we can see a single object or thousands of them forming a holographic whole.

Physical exercises

1. Eye massage: start massaging with the index fingers eyebrows longitudinally, then, with the fingertips, massage circularly the temples and around the eyes, with the middle fingers the midpoints under the eyes and with the index and middle fingers massage circularly with the eyelids closed above the two eyeballs, Finish rubbing the palms and placing them in the form of a cup covering the eyes.
2. If you have a laser light, apply it between the eyebrows in short intervals with your eyes closed.
3. Excite with electric or conventional acupuncture, or with acupressure, the temples and points above the eyebrows.
4. Visualizations of simple geometric shapes.
5. Meditation with the Antahkarana symbol.

Psychic exercises

In guided meditations, perform visualizations. You can record a tape and listen to it in meditation concentrating on the visualizations that come to you.

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