Seventh chakra sahasrara

This seventh  sahasrara chakra is located at the top of the head. It is shaped like a cone facing the sky and is white – violet in color. The  crown chakra refers to our abilities of knowledge, understanding and understanding of the universe. Its element is the thought that rationalizes our understanding. Through this chakra we manage to communicate with the energies of the Universe and with our Higher Self.

In this chakra we culminate our path of spiritual evolution. It is the gateway to contact with other non-physical and spiritual dimensions of the universe. Only in the 3rd degree of Reiki do we have access to this chakra.

The disorders of this chakra are manifested in

attitudes of arrogance that are nothing more than the expression of a very deep personal insecurity. Other attitudes such as the propensity to manipulate people to get them to do what they see fit.

These dysfunctions are also expressed in people with difficulty thinking autonomously and in exaggerated dependence on the support of others. Other attitudes of rigidity in their belief systems, blind faith in established dogmas and fear of expressing one’s conscience.

This chakra does not work well  when we suffer from ills such as narrow-mindedness, egocentric attitudes, difficulties in concentration and mental dispersion, obsession with material possessions.

The harmonious development of this  seventh chakra sahasrar

It allows us an adequate flow of energy in our organism and therefore offers us the possibility of evolving spiritually to the point where we can see everything from a more global and overall perspective, a little what would be said “to place ourselves above the circumstances” in order to reach more just and equitable conclusions and be aware of our human and transcendent essence. To reinforce the functioning of this chakra we must concentrate our energies in the upper part of the brain, the central nervous system and the pituitary gland.

Color: White and gold.

Situation: Above the head, oriented upwards, it has no symmetrical.
Symbol: Lotus flower with a thousand petals completely open.
Note: Yes.
Mantra : N nasal or M.
Element: Gold.

Verb and associated fundamental right: Right to know.

Purpose : It is the culmination of the ascending current of spirituality (liberating current). It is our door of contact with the non-physical dimension and with the angels and our guides.
In the 2nd Level of Reiki we begin to explore the spiritual world and with 3rd. Reiki level and Mastery penetrate it.

Crystals and stones: Amethyst, diamond, pure white quartz.

Associated anatomical elements: Pituitary gland, upper part of the brain, central nervous system.

Elements and associated situations: God, spirit, Creator, intelligence, perception.

Direction: None. It relates to thought and the spiritual.

Food: None. It relates to fasting.

Physical consequences of its malfunction

Attitude of those who think they know everything, who always want to be right and dominate and manipulate others to adopt their position or do what they want (in reality, they are insecure and immature people who, afraid of their deficiencies, try to make up for them with this attitude of arrogance).  Difficulty thinking autonomously because they do not trust themselves and always seek the support of others. Rigidities in belief systems, blind faith in established dogmas and fear of the expansion of their own consciousness.

Psychic consequences of its malfunction

Narrow-mindedness. “If I don’t see it, I don’t believe it,”
expansion of the ego, so that all activities are geared to satisfy it.
Difficulty concentrating and mental dispersion.
Guiding values oriented to materialism, with forgetfulness and even contempt for everything spiritual.


More about seventh chakra

It is the origin of the manifesting current;  Our reality begins in thought with a mental image of what we desire, until it manifests on the physical plane which is  the material world of dense energy perceptible by the senses. It is also the end of  the liberating current  that starts from the first chakra and ascends so that the material is transmuted into spiritual.
As we ascend and evolve spiritually, we see everything from a higher and more objective perspective, and we have an overview that increases our awareness of transcendent and divine human beings.

Physical exercises

Inverted postures:

  1. Lying on your back, raise your legs and back, leaning on the elbows that hold the waist.
  2. With the head and hands resting on the floor initially leaning on a wall. Make the pine, at first leaning on a wall.
  3. If you have an inverter, use it!

Psychic exercises

  1. Any kind of meditation and prayer.
  2. Sitting with your back straight, concentrate your attention on the mental void, at least 20 minutes, preferably with the help of a mantra.
  3. Taoist meditations.

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