Fourth chakra anahata


This fourth  anahata chakra is located at the height of the heart and oriented towards the front. It is green and has a  symmetrical chakra in the back that is associated with love and air.

The proper functioning of this chakra

It implies the acceptance of oneself, with qualities and defects, and therefore, the acceptance of the other as he is. The first step we can take on this path is to question the content of all our prejudices. To understand the relative of any worldview is to approach reality.

The malfunction of this chakra

It leads to anomalous behaviors in the field of love: emotional blackmail, possessive loves, exaggerated altruisms, extreme selfishness.
In its physical manifestations the malfunction of this chakra can lead to: heart ailments, lung diseases, alterations in our blood circulation, cancer, AIDS and spasms. First, at one extreme of this type of behavior we would find people with zero regard for themselves and others. On the other hand, we would find people with exaggerated considerations that can lead to extreme sacrifices for others.
The areas of our body that we would have to enhance to ensure the proper functioning of this chakra are: the heart, lungs, respiratory system, arms and hands.

More about the fourth  anahata chakra

Color: The chakra is green, but it is affected by the color pink.
Situation: At the height of the heart, between the nipples; behind it has its symmetrical.
Symbol: Twelve lotus petals with a six-pointed star formed by two triangles; the inverted represents the descent of the spirit towards the physical and the one supported on its base symbolizes the ascent of our physical or material part in its evolution towards spirituality. It is the center from which the spiral energy pathway that communicates the seven chakras starts.
Note: Fa.
Mantra: Lam, vowel sound E.
Element:  The air (which represents freedom, the open, the light, the ethereal, which fills everything with its dispersing presence) The air
also serves as vital food, because it contains Prana, Chi or Ki.

More about the fourth chakra…

Verb and associated fundamental right: Right to love.
Purpose: To give and receive love.  Achieve the balance of our physical part and our spiritual part. It is a bridge through which the energy circulates  in both directions, in the liberating current towards the upper chakras  and in the manifesting current towards the  lower  chakras. It is the culmination  of the physical and the basis of the spiritual.
Crystals and stones: Those of green and pink color, such as emerald, tourmaline or rose quartz.
Associated anatomical elements:  The thymus gland, lungs, heart, respiratory system, arms, hands
Associated elements and situations:  It is also called  cordial chakra because it is the center of love
Sense: Touch.
Food: Vegetables.   The oxygen and prana of the air we breathe.
Physical consequences  of its malfunction: Heart and respiratory diseases.
Psychic consequences of its malfunctioning: Inability to love, isolation, disconnection, isolation, alienation, selfishness.

About Fourth Chakra

It represents the inner balance and balance in our relationship with others and with the universe, and  also the universal love that gives us a sense of connection, of being integrated and of belonging to the cosmic unity within our individuality. When this chakra is open we feel really connected with everything that exists and we radiate high vibrations that are detected and received by others and by everything existing in the Universe, nourishing this attunement and fulfilling our vital expectations.  Finally, say that this chakra is the most important in Reiki because the energy passes through it before leaving through the hands. In Reiki sessions we feel how we are channeling pure and clean energy of divine love to the receiver.

Physical exercises


  1. The breathing exercises of Pranayama combined with bandhas (energy keys) to manipulate the breath:
    —Complete breathing: lying down, starts nasal breathing starting with the abdomen, chest and collarbones; then exhale slowly in the same order, expelling all the air well.
    — Igneous breathing: performs series of several rapid abdominal breaths with the diaphragm expanding and contracting the abdomen.
    —Alternate breathing, alternately covering those of the nose, inhale slowly by one and exhale by the other.
    Perform series of 15 times in a row.


  1. Pectoral openings of all kinds: previously perform a series of turns on both sides with the arms in both directions; Then with the arms stretched out make mills, turning the hips to the right and left and  then bring two arms back joining  the homoplates and opening the chest as much as possible.
    3. Lying down with a support on the back (cushion, stool of an armchair) arch the spine as much as possible visualizing how our  cordial chakra opens  and the blockages dissolve with each opening.

4.Lying face down with arms and legs stretched try to flex your back back as much as possible.
5. Lying on your back with your hands on your buttocks and the fit resting on the floor arch your back  as much as possible.
6. Sitting on the floor, raise one arm attached to the head and behind the neck until grasping the hand of the other arm that has been bent behind the back at waist height.

Psychic exercises

  1. Analyze how you are in love.
    2. If you hate someone, stop and lovingly send them your forgiveness and love.
    3. If your path has crossed with that of another person and you get upset, remember that each one follows his line of evolution and that these can be parallel taking each one his rhythm, and that if they cross it is because you have something to learn from that intersection, and that until you learn it that situation will be repeated. 4. Before you love
    others more, you have to love yourself.
    5. What does your inner critic reproach you for? If he does it frequently, kindly tell him to stop as many times as necessary; persist and persevere in this exercise, and you will master it; After all, you’re the boss

And also…

  1. Take care of your inner child and recover the innocence and love of your childhood, applying it to your current relationships; Surrender without expecting anything in return.
    7. Help someone every day.
    8. Remember that the Universe is a mirror in which you reflect yourself and that always gives you back what you send it.
    9. What you dislike about others is a reflection of your own shortcomings; when you belittle, criticize, insult, or attack someone, you are actually doing it with yourself. Remember that this will be repeated until you learn it.
    It is a universal law that what you give will be returned to you.

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