Second level Reiki symbols

In the second level Reiki course two new Reiki symbols of the second level of Reiki are given. In addition to the CHO KU REI, for those students already initiated by other Reiki Masters.


Action on the mental and emotional level

The name of this second symbol can be translated as “the essential core of the brave soldier in the service of the essence of all beings”, or perhaps more specifically as “the guardian of souls”. The basic property of the symbol’s energy is the balance between the non-harmonic poles on all polar world planes. This quality and its relationship is close to the energy of the soul, which is already expressed in its name. It is relevant to bring with the symbol the energies that balance and harmonise in the psychic realm. This 2nd symbol is therefore active on a mental-emotional level, it is used in the case of depression, anxiety, etc… and in everything related to emotions.


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Action in the distance
the right frame of mind


The meaning of its name: “the strength that comes from the source is found in a right attitude of the heart”. This makes it clear that only those who make use of the primal energy can make use of it with the right, upright attitude. Any attempt to manipulate the Reiki energy will cause it to disconnect. Only the right frame of mind facilitates the application of Reiki as a force of origin. The basic energy of this symbol is one of connection, hence its name “contact symbol”. But not only can it form the connection that overcomes space and time in distance Reiki, but it also helps to overcome limits of all kinds, be they psychic or other blockages, mental limitations or “insurmountable” contradictions of any kind. The highest contact, common to all forms of being, overcomes all limits and opens doors. It is therefore the symbol of distance. According to the nature of Reiki, everything in the universe is connected. There are no geographical or temporal distances. This symbol is used for e.g. sending Reiki from a distance to people who are not present at the moment with us. It can also be used for the past (healing karma) or for the future (e.g. projecting that certain interviews, meetings, etc… will happen in harmony). Time and distance are bridged by this symbol.

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