Third Chakra Manipura

The  solar plexus chakra, or third  manipura chakra, is located between the sides, above the navel. It is a cone or funnel facing the front is yellow. This chakra is linked to our will and our propensity for power relations. Especially relevant is that qualities such as perseverance, vitality and joy are linked to it. It is also linked to other traits of our personality such as aggressiveness and ambition.

Physical disorders

When this chakra does not work well  in the physical realm, they are exacerbated: our ambition for power, greed, consumerist tendencies, exaggerated fear  of losing their social status and the feeling of envy. In the body there are gastric or pancreas disorders, duodenal infections, liver and biliary diseases. Ulcers, chronic fatigue, stimulant addictions.

Psychic disorders

They give rise to contrasting attitudes: in an extreme very dull people who go unnoticed. In the extreme hyperactive, tyrannical and power-hungry people. The areas of our body that we must activate to contribute to the good performance  of our  solar plexus chakra are: liver, stomach, small intestine, pancreas, adrenal glands.

Color: Yellow.
Situation: In the center of the Enea that joins the navel and the solar plexus has a  symmetrical chakra in the back at the same height and smaller size.
Symbol: Lotus flower with ten petals and an inverted triangle inside.
Note: My.
Ram Mantra.
Fire element.

More about the third chakra


Verb and associated fundamental right: Right to power, to act and to act.
Man’s power comes from his will, which is energy directed to a specific goal. Will arises from concentration on a desired goal. When we manage to concentrate there is a balance between our yin and yang polarities that keeps us centered.
Purpose: The transformation of matter into energy: Irrigation destroys the form of matter and the resulting energy flows upwards.
Crystals and stones: All yellowish, yellow quartz, amber, topaz.
Associated anatomical elements: Small intestine, stomach, duodenum, liver, pancreas, adrenal glands.
Elements and associated situations: Power, will, laughter, joy, humor, aggressiveness, vitality, perseverance.
Food: Carbohydrates, starches.

Physical consequences of malfunction

Result of malfunctioning: Diseases of the digestive system. Heartburn, ulcers, excess of its badly centered on a thick abdomen, chronic fatigue, additions to stimulants.
The activity of this  chakra  is often perceived in the form of tingling in the stomach in the area of the third chakra. This indicates that an excess of energy has been concentrated that must be directed and channeled properly.

Psychic consequences of malfunction

Due to the malfunction of the third chakra are produced: feeling of inferiority, feeling of insecurity and lack of psychics of their bad self-confidence.
Feeling guilty, dissatisfaction with what you feel or do, selfishness, addiction to power, compulsive will and applied to something without considering the other aspects of life. You close in on yourself by blocking the exit to the outside of your basic emotions, showing yourself to others, cold, usually calculated in a bad mood.
Feeling of alienation and  separation from the inner source of love, although we have everything material, we are disconnected and dissatisfied, we perceive that we lack something. It seems that something prevents us from being happy and feeling full of vital foundation.  Consequently, we lack that potentiality that was given to us with life and that is our ability as a child to get excited about everything we do and connect with the source.

Comments on the third chakra manipura

Power and will come from the balance of the polarity and yang of each person, overcoming the excessive tendency and oscillations towards the masculine or feminine that trap us certain bumps or aspects of our life, from which we get out through the impulse that gives us our willpower.
Fire is the element that generates heat, activating the will by moving us to action.
On the contrary, when we are afraid we feel cold and inactive, and to overcome it we must be aware that we are unique and wonderful beings, valuable to humanity and to God. Feeling that we have a mission to fulfill, and that everything begins by loving oneself and then loving others.

On the power of the third chakra

Initially, power should not be sought outside of us because it is within us and its components are self-confidence, the feeling of worth, the connection with your environment, loving yourself and the projection of this love on everything that surrounds you.
With the will we direct our mind towards action, to create our future, you have created your world with your mind and your will.  First we must know that movement generates movement and inertia generates more inertia. Therefore, with the will we begin to move and this movement of action generates heat that produces more movement. Consequently, the Universe gives us back what we give it and if we give it movement it will give us back more movement to materialize our vital objectives.
Finally, to move forward we must move and overcome difficulties; each time we do it will increase our self-confidence to keep moving.

Physical exercises

1  Jogging is also suitable for toning the third chakra.
2. The standing woodcutter pretends that you have an axe in your hands and hits hard downwards discharging the energy of the blow on an imaginary trunk that you have between your legs; At the same time, and without repressing yourself, emit the sound of liberation you want.
3. Sit-ups in V lying on your back, try to join the tips of the feet with the hands 15 times in a row.
4.Squats: Stand bend your knees as far as you can 15 times
in a row; if you can, place a weight on your shoulders.
5.Standing turns with arms outstretched: stretch your arms and rotate your
hips on your waist right and left 10 times to each side.



  1. The arch: lying face down, hold behind the ankles with your hands and do some swinging.
    7.Download tensions: with a pillow or with the object you think is convenient, even with your feet or hands, hit the bed releasing anger, rage or anger when you think it is necessary, do not repress yourself or keep these negative emotions to yourself.

Psychic exercises

  1. Break the routines and inertia that are blocking you.
    2. If you have the feeling of oppression or of being in an alley – exit do something to get out of it, move to break the inertia.
    3. Change a habit that bores you,4.
    Analyze your life objectively and introduce changes in the situations in which you are trapped.

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