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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a system of personal healing and growth that can be practiced by people of any ideology or religion

Does reiki work even if you do not believe in it?

For Reiki to work it is not necessary to believe in its effectiveness. In its effectiveness, the beliefs or religion of the person do not influence at all. Reiki acts autonomously, since it is an intelligent, pure and simple energy.

Can I combine Reiki with other treatments or therapies?

Reiki is fully compatible with other treatments, both medical and alternative. In fact, it can be complementary and favorable to these other treatments.

When will I feel Reiki effects?

From the first session you can already feel the effects of Reiki. However, to treat any problem or ailment, it is advisable to do up to 4 sessions in a short period of time (maximum one month). Then, depending on the result, maintenance can be done after about fifteen days. or a month.

Is Reiki therapy recognized as well?

Since 1995 Reiki has been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a complementary healing therapy. Some examples of hospitals that use Reiki are:

Hospital 12 de Octubre and Ramón y Cajal of Madrid.
Vall d’Hebrón Hospital of Barcelona.
Program with 3,000 patients by the Salut Foundation.
Hospital 12 de Octubre (Madrid) Training of health personnel by the Sauce Foundation.
Ramón y Cajal Hospital (Madrid) Therapies and clinical studies in oncology.
Anderson Clinic (Houston USA).
Therapists on staff. Middlesex Hospital (United Kingdom).
Therapists on staff. Continuum Group (7 hospitals in N.Y. serving 15,000 patients) Therapists on staff.
Hartford Hospital (New England, USA) Therapists on staff and 7 years of studies on the effect of Reiki on their patients.

How can Reiki help me? How can I start?

On a personal level, if you practice Reiki on a regular basis, you will feel more optimistic, calm, confident and more “present”. With the 1st Reiki level you can give autoReiki to you and to others on a physical level. From the 2nd level of Reiki you can give autoReiki to yourself and others at a mental, emotional level and even send Reiki from a distance. To start practicing Reiki, previous knowledge is not necessary. The 1st Reiki level is taught from zero knowledge. Fill in the Contact Form if you want more information or make a reservation.

How can I enroll? Reiki course conditions

Fill in the Contact form if you want more information or make a reservation. Here you will find the conditions in the courses: enroll and cancellations


Which guarantees do I have in Reiki courses?

Barcelona Reiki offers training according to the statutes and deontological code of Federación Española de Reiki . Here you can see my federated card (María Isabel Iglesias Fonseca) Fill in the Contact form if you want more information or make a reservation.

Do you have any doubt? Do not hesitate to contact


Due to the volume of work, as much as possible we would appreciate it if the first contact to request information is by email, however if you think your call is necessary and you decide to call, we will gladly assist you.

If you have any question, wish to schedule an appointment or book a course,  fill in the following form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Depending on the server you have, our response can enter the spam tray (check it just in case).

Treatments & Reiki Training in Barcelona

Adress : c/ Bruc, 94, 6º 6ª (Esquina c/ Aragón)

Metro  L4 – Girona  ó L1 (Plaça Catalunya)

Please, write or phone us before coming, don’ t come without an scheduled appointment, thanks



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Barcelona Reiki opens again with the prevention and hygiene measures regarding COVID-19.

To request information, book an appointment, or ask any questions you should call by phone, write on WhatsApp or use email. We want to avoid any external agent, and if you want information, we strongly ask to call the center or request information.

Only sessions with a previous  appointment. Before the alarm status was presented, all sessions were held by appointment and at the indicated time. 

  • We will be punctual at the entrance and exit of the user. If the patient comes later than the indicated time, the end of the session will be at the stipulated time, without its delay damaging the rest of the patients. We ask patients to be VERY RIGOROUS with the schedule, since patients will not be able to wait in the waiting room, since we will only keep it as a mere step from the outside to the therapy room. In addition, we must have time to disinfect the room and the established materials for the next patient.
  • The patient should go alone for the treatment . No partners will  stay in the waiting room.
  • The sessions will be reduced to 45 minutes, because between session and session there will be an exhaustive cleaning of the facilities and material used. That is why we ask you again for punctuality and stick to the established times. The reduction of the session time is also recommended by health safety protocols and occupational risks.
  • When arriving it will be necessary for the patient to rub the shoes on the disinfecting mat and wash their hands with hydroalcoholic gel. These steps are necessary to avoid external contact and to manipulate objects without rigorous care. We do not recommend the use of gloves, which will be discarded at the entrance. We recommend the use of a new mask on arrival. If the patient comes to the center and presents any of the symptoms described (example: fever +37.5, cough), attention will be denied and the session will be considered completed. Please, to avoid this situation, take your temperature three hours before going.
  • If the existence of a positive case is known to both a therapist and a patient, users who have come at that time or have contact with said professional will be notified to be aware of possible symptoms. Only patients can use the bathroom, never companions.
  • Therapists will use EPIS and take all preventive measures for the safety of all patients and their own.
  • At the end of the daily work period, the center will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, always following the safety and occupational risk protocols.
  • Now, more than ever, we must follow the rules that excuse the inconvenience, we hope to meet you again soon.


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