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Third Degree Reiki


Third Level Reiki provides you at a physical and spiritual level

  • Greater self-knowledge

  • Greater energy on a personal level

  • Increases effects on your therapies 

Third Level Reiki

Firstly, the Third Level Reiki increases the strength of our energy and the effectiveness of the symbols of the first and second level of Reiki, and can be used for further harmonization. In addition, these symbols boost the energy one hundred percent by decreasing the time of application in half that Reiki II. Another important point is that Reiki techniques are taught to protect ourselves and others. You also have the instructions for handling and using antahkarana (glass grille for Reiki shipping 24h a day). Psychic Surgery Preparatory to mastery: energy closure point hui yin and microcosmic orbit. Review of the previous level.

Especially note that there are currently multiple variants of Reiki. Many of them are created by private therapists and have no continuity in other centers. Consequently, we recommend attending centers that provide only those official degrees and endorsed as for instance:

  • At the national level: Centers in agreement with Federación Española de Reiki  for traditional Reiki Usui & Tibetan -Usui Reiki

  • On an international level: Centers of agreement The International Center for Reiki Training for the case of Karuna Reiki ®

Finally, these centers work according to some Statutes that guarantee you the method of teaching, contents, practices, etc.

Reiki Third Degree Program

The third level course of Reiki includes, among others: Introduction to the third level of Reiki, Spanish Federation of Reiki, initiation or tuning of Third level or Advanced Degree, Two symbols of the Third level of Reiki, Use of the symbol Third level of Reiki in the distance, preparation for mastery, exercise of contraction of the Hui Yin point, microcosmic orbit, review of the chakras and balanced, Reiki III or Advanced Degree meditations, grille of crystals or Antahkarana, formation of the crystal grid, etheric or psychic surgery with Reiki (Kahuna origin and NLP bases), origin of the Antahkarana, positions for the integral treatment with Reiki, summarized treatments, 21 cleanse days , bibliography, practices, meditations, etc.


Handbook and Certificate, Federación Española de Reiki 


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