Reiki training in Barcelona all levels

Usui-Tibetan Usui & Karuna® Reiki School 

Official training according Federación Española de Reiki and The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT – Michigan)

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the Japanese word for “Universal Life Energy”. Form of healing that use this energy to enhance well-being, wholeness and harmony. Find more about reiki in this video

universal energy
Reiki Course First Degree
Reiki Course First Degree

Firstly, the first level of Reiki has action on a physical and mental level, it provides well-being at a general level. It also includes practical instruction for the simple and profound method of self-treatment, treatment of other people, animals and plants. Finally, it also includes the balancing of energy centers. 


Reiki Course Second Degree
Reiki Course Second Degree

Secondly, the second level of Reiki you increase your energy and you can work mentally and emotionally for yourself or for others. It also includes sending Reiki remotely. 


Reiki Course Third Degree
Reiki Course Third Degree

Further with the third level of reiki your personal growth continues. It is the spiritual level and what is most remarkable is that it prepares you for Mastery. Instructions for the handling and use of Antahkarana (glass grille for Reiki shipping 24h a day). Psychic Surgery Energy closure: hui yin point.


Usui & Tibetan Usui Master Reiki
Usui & Tibetan Usui Master Reiki

Most importantly, the Reiki Master Level, tuning and also delivery of three new symbols (for exclusive use in Reiki Mastery). Preparation to be a master, theory and practice of tuning at all levels. Self-tuning and … 



Karuna Reiki ® Practitioner Course
Karuna Reiki ® Practitioner Course

Moreover, Karuna Reiki ® Practitioner is recommended to therapists, healers, etc … Can also interest anyone who works with Reiki or other energy therapies for himself and / or interested in enhancing energy in their treatments. 



Master Karuna Reiki ® Course
Master Karuna Reiki ® Course

Most importantly, Karuna Reiki ® Mastery is recommended to therapists, healers, etc. and, in general, to anyone who works with Reiki or other energy therapies and is interested in promoting energy in their treatments. It is also done by those Masters who want to dedicate themselves to the dissemination of Karuna® Reiki. 





I am very happy to have started Reiki, and also with the Master.  I encourage everyone to try and you will not regret it.


Debora Cerezo






A great experience, a perfect course, a lovely teacher and also great classmates, if you have the opportunity to do it, don’t think about it!!!!


Mayca Sánchez






Very happy after having done the 2nd level of Reiki. All very nice and simple. I have really enjoyed the course. I recommend it to you!


Natalia Peteiro






It has been great, it has been a great experience, with a very good atmosphere, theory and practice. So much so that we will repeat.


Almudena Vieites




Reiki makes changes not only into a physical plane. I discovered Reiki by mere chance. I did my First Reiki Level between a mixture of skepticism and impulsiveness. I could pleasantly check its effects. For the second level , destiny brought me back to the same place and to repeat with the same people. Totally family and friendly atmosphere.

Oliver Membrilla, Berlin





I was there getting my grade superior Reiki: Reiki Karuna. It was a magical experience. Isabel Iglesias is a great master with a huge energy on his hands, she enjoy and loves her job and transmits this joyfulness and energy to us. She is a really attentive teacher with wisdom. I really recomend her as master of Reiki and therapist.

Jordana Garcia, Barcelona




What you get…

Small Groups

Between 2 and 10 students maximum for a better use of the courses. Relaxed atmosphere and greater personal attention


You will receive official Handbooks and Titles in both Reiki Usui-Usui Tibetano and Karuna Reiki ®. Guarantees of Federación Española de Reiki (nationally) and the ICRT- Michigan (internationally)

Free and unlimited internship and exchange free

Free of charge, students of the center can attend courses of their same level or lower level and exchange groups between students

Keep Practicing

In adittion, free of charge, students of the center can attend courses of their same level or lower level and exchange groups between students


Federación Española de Reiki

Maestro Federado Núm. 2733. Teaching in accordance with Federación Española de Reiki . Usui and Tibetan-Usui

The International Center for Reiki Training

Karuna® Reiki – Registered Master Number 45742 (WARNING: If you do not see this symbol (®) in Karuna teachings, it is NOT official and is NOT internationally validated)

M. Isabel I.

Master Reiki &

CEO Founder Barcelona Reiki

  • Usui & Usui-Tibetan Master Reiki Number 2733 de Federación Española de Reiki
  • Karuna® Reiki – Registered Master Number 45742 – The International Center for Reiki Training
  • Meditation Teacher & Stress Control Technician by Federación Española de Reiki

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