What is Reiki, Universal Energy

We all sense the existence of a Universal Energy that moves our lives and our worlds. Eastern cultures are clear about this. The Chinese call this energy Chi, Qui or Ki. In it the ying and the yang (the two forces or polarities that they find in the universe) are gathered.

It is a non-physical energy that animates all living things. This life energy circulates around us. If our life energy is poor or there is some kind of blockage or restriction in its circulation, we are then more vulnerable to illness. When this energy is high and circulates freely, we are free from any disease. The function of this energy is to balance all our emotions, our body and our spiritual life.

For the Orientals, illness is nothing more than a dysfunction of our organism in the face of the blockage of the flow of our vital energy. Fears, anxieties, can interfere with the natural circuit of our energy and produce diseases. Reiki aims to redirect our energy to its natural bed and thus cure both body and soul ailments. This process of energetic rebalancing empowers and multiplies our possibilities for self-realization in this world, as well as spiritual development and growth. Reiki leads us to stimulate and reactivate the chakras, our aura and subtle bodies.

Reiki is also considered a path of personal evolution that involves harmony with the forces of the universe. It is about embarking on the path of our own freedom, which involves recognizing ourselves, which will lead us to acquire security and integrity in our dealings with other people. This path aims to unlock our personality from external pressures, remove fears and install joy. It is necessary to leave behind rigid behaviors and be ready to create new and healthier bonds with the people around us. When we let life energy flow through our bodies, we eliminate fears and tensions, thereby stimulating our metabolism to function naturally and charging our organism with new vitality.

By entering into a harmonious relationship with the cosmic rhythm, the Universal Energy will positively transform our lives, stimulating our personal growth. The goal to be achieved is to achieve a degree of awareness of our freedom and our possibilities that reinforces our confidence in ourselves to positively prepare us to acquire new experiences, measure our strengths, conceive new ideas and draw up plans for to the future

While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not part of any kind of belief or religion. Learning Reiki has no conditions. It is independent. Reiki does not belong to any doctrine or belief. It can be taken by people of different beliefs, religions, philosophical ideas, etc… Vital energy does not belong to anyone, it would only belong to God, if it were necessary to designate a possessor of it. With Reiki, yes, we can affirm our convictions and our religious faith. This method of help does not ask us to believe in it. It also works. It requires no special talents or skills. It is a completely natural method of harmonizing, as is the flow of life.

Finally, to say that, to make use of Reiki, a prior tuning with Reiki is necessary. Otherwise, whatever energy work we are doing, we would be doing it with our own energy and not with the Universal Energy.

Through the different Reiki courses, you will learn to make use of this energy and the Reiki symbols that are used when working with Reiki.


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