First Muladhara chakra

This chakra is located at the base of the spinal cord, in the coccyx, between the thighs. Its color is red and it is oriented towards the ground. Therefore, it is associated with survival and with the earth element that projects us towards the notions of the solid and the dense.
A good functioning of the first chakra

Also named as root chakra also implies physical health, stability, feeling of rootedness in the place where we live. Through this chakra the will to live is expressed. First, from this point we extract the energy necessary to live and to relate on the sexual plane. If this energy or will to live does not work, probably nothing is possible, and, consequently, everything becomes complicated.
Therefore, its malfunction can be expressed in extreme attitudes such as extreme pacifism or excessive aggressiveness (warmongering). It can also manifest itself in existential fears, excessive fear of death, problems of order and distribution of time (always arriving late or very early), impatient attitude or relationships of extreme dependence on a person, cause or object.

The disorders of this first chakra

A malfunction of this chakra, consequently, manifests itself bodily in diseases of the bones, teeth, large intestine or anus. It can also manifest itself in ailments of the spine or in the decrease of our regenerative capacity. Finally, also some related diseases are hemorrhoids, constipation, anorexia.
Finally, as psychic disorders are exaggerated feelings of guilt, shyness, lack of concentration, clueless attitudes, distrust, inability to say no in any circumstance, excessive dependence on possessions. Therefore, the places where we would have to concentrate our energy to overcome these deficiencies would be: the kidneys, coccyx, spine, bladder, feet, legs and large intestine.

More about chakra 1

Color: Red.
Situation: Between the anus and the genitals, oriented towards the earth.
Symbol: Lotus flower with four petals, a square inside and an inverted triangle.
Note: Sun.
Mantra: Lam, Hum.
Element: Earth.
Verb and associated fundamental right: Have the right to possess what is necessary for survival, food, clothing, housing, health, company.
Purpose: Survival, rootedness to a place.
Crystals and stones: Red, ruby, blood garnet, tiger’s eye quartz.
Associated anatomical elements: Adrenal glands, coccyx nerve plexus, spine, anus, sex organs, kidneys, bladder, feet, legs, large intestine.
Elements and associated situations: Home, family, roots, discipline, rootedness, survival.
Sense: Smell.
Food: All those that help a foundation taking: proteins, meats, fish, glasses, very spicy stews, without satiating us.
Physical consequences of its malfunction: As physical results are hemorrhoids, constipation, accidents that injure the knees and legs, sciatica, anorexia, bone diseases.
Psychic consequences of its malfunction: As psychic results, the feeling of rootlessness, fear of facing daily life, feelings of guilt, shyness, lack of concentration, confusion, distrust, difficulty saying no, excessive attachment to possessions.

Commentaries on the first muladhara chakra

As a result, if we work this chakra to keep it open it will give us a foundation for our entire life as. If our foundations are strong and our roots deep, we will build our personality on a solid foundation.
We know where we belong, we feel grounded.
Additionally, the main function of this chakra is to enable a grounding or grounding when we feel disoriented. It is the end of the path of manifestation and material realization of our thoughts, desires and ideas, which is based on the realization of goals through the concentration of attention.

Physical exercises

In general, all the exercises that help us keep our body healthy and fit, which should be a balanced mix of aerobic exercises to keep the respiratory and circulatory systems active and fit, and anaerobic, to enhance our muscles and bones.
For a specific contact and opening the first chakra:
1. Walk with your knees bent and if possible barefoot on the sand or grass, stepping the ground.
2. Flex the trunk and rest your hands on the floor. Sitting, flex the trunk until we catch the tips of our feet. Lying on your back, raise your legs to the vertical. 3. Lying on our
backs, we rest our legs against the wall and push against it.
4.Any exercised dance or dance alone or accompanied.
5. Run.
6. Jump on the site, bending the knees when falling feeling the ground.

Psychical exercises

1. Rediscover the feeling of innocence and fullness of our childhood.
2. Care for and pamper our inner child.
3. Regain confidence in Mother Earth and in our body.
4. Carry out activities that enhance our self-confidence.

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